• Project start

    DARK community is born and its project starts as a PoS coin listed in STEX and CryptoBridge.

  • Community vote : new metrics

    Supply is reduced 1:10 and new decreasing 18% ROI
    Marketplace system development starts with SDC/PART basis. Cold staking pool opened.

  • Dark meets Polkadot

    Parachain Proof of concept development is initiated with modded & custom Substrate pallets.
    Community staking pool reachs 1M+ coins.

  • Public "Dystopia" alpha testnet

    Stable parachain PoC and alpha marketplace demo app DarkBay.
    Community staking pool reachs 2M+ coins.

  • Rococo slot & W3F Grant Program

    Dark will apply for a Polkadot Rococo testnet slot and W3F grant program.

  • Liquidity campaign

    ERC20 swap opened to public and liquidity providers are rewarded

  • DarkBay Alpha 2.0

    Improved pallets with better order/product management features

  • DarkBay Beta

    Staking and governance added, replicating legacy coin metrics. Dark will apply for a parachain slot.

  • Dark Dot Mainnet

    Community vote : team renewal, improvements, treasury.