Project funding

As an entirely community funded project, all infrastructure costs ( servers, domains, hosting, certs, backups, ...) and development are paid by volunteers and team members.

As any help is really appreciated and precious, if you feel like helping our project, feel free to donate to the following addresses :


  • BTC: 16QLAoELekNwoduxfJm8UiB7HLgvuVyfpE
  • ETH: 0x916a8B051587FF41cE8A5723e011532BBF970B5e
  • BNB (BEP20 / Binance Smart Chain) : 0x30387229271208AeaB7b78aE7e079058e374E9F3
  • DOT/KSM : 16SkmDNepqF54McNWAEQSejM86cPKvNLquGqiaTb5vGTDmxB


Thanks for your help !