Dark Friday #2 - AMA recap

Submitted by Stem on Mon, 03/28/2022 - 07:08
Dark Friday #2 - AMA recap

On Friday, March 25th 06:00PM CEST, we had our second community drink and AMA in our Telegram channel.

Thanks to everyone who joined us and for sending out some great questions!

Wonder what we talked about? Read on for the most important things covered.

Q1: Is DARK a DAO?


The hard DAO part is joining efforts with many people all around the world with different skills, availability, and motivation levels.

Seems we're building this and self organizing things which is a important step for what's next.

Community really helped with socials these days, and you really did good!

Thank you all for that.

Q2: Are we going to apply for the Grant program?


But we also heard community: focusing on tech and product only first is not what community wants.

We can see great tech and team with quite no interest as not listed yet or still building seriously, while other self-claimed DOT projects skyrocket , though they have just a minimal ERC20 token, but have heavy crypto Twitter activity and easy trading abilities.

W3F grants are for pure dev. They will not pay for our marketing. We will apply later on.

Q3: What is the plan for coming months?

To answer community wishes, we made simple and focus on :

1/ Awareness: building regular community events, buying new stickers, finding serious affordable marketing guys, reviving our socials -we even have a TikTok account, if some of you feel young enough to communicate there.

We may also afford some banners and advertising in targeted spaces as we did with DKPC.

2/ Liquidity: working with 2 other project devs, our singularity being our own chain and coin (no easy Metamask-like plugin doable for D4RK). We're not swapping ERC20 to ERC20 which is "easy".

To make simple and faster to build, first dev is legacy D4RK->ERC20 DARK as both already exist. Needs work and i think updating our ERC20 smart contract.

3/ DarkBay: heavy and expensive part as hiring blockchain dev is a nightmare atm.

Let's go for a minimal product to show with basic features and somehow polished UI.

Q4: What is DarkBay development state at the moment?

We could release DarkBay devnet for testing now but:

  • without complete order flow
  • without full shipping implementation
  • with weak encryption

We’re working on this and we will update our Github repos soon.


Thank you again community, and congratulations to our member @P: first baby born during Dark Friday!