Dark Friday #1 - AMA recap

Submitted by Stem on Fri, 03/18/2022 - 23:52
Dark Friday #1 - AMA recap

On Friday, March 18th 06:00PM CEST, we had an AMA in our Telegram channel with team and lead developer so community can ask important questions regarding the present and future plans for DARK, moves toward Polkadot ecosystem, marketplace development, bridges, token utility and more.

Thanks to everyone who joined us and for sending out some great questions!
This "vrirual drink" AMA session was a great community event.

Wonder what we talked about? Read on for the most important things covered.

Q1: Do you already have some thoughts about store prices?

Community will vote tokenomics as usual.

In devnet it's actually 500 DARK per store opening.
The market fees should be voted and may evolve as people will be able to initiate a vote and community decides, then metrics apply.


Q2: Also will there be more exchanges for d4rk tokens?

I believe the is no future for us in centralized exchanges due to the nature of project.

Our efforts should be on Ethereum DEX like Uniswap and open to other protocols (Darwinia, Binance Smart Chain, ...).


Q3: I know D4RK is only available on Stex and DARK(ERC20) is available on Uniswap. And or will there be more liquidity added to the pairs on Uniswap?

Yes, we have 2 pairs (ETH and USDC). Liquidity will be added and other liquidity improvements will be investigated.


Q4: What services or use case for DARK holders/investors?

  • staking DARK & use in marketplace
  • lending
  •  swap to ERC20 DARK->Ethereum DEX
  •  swap to DOT compatible token
  •  connect other privacy projects
  •  offer, in the end, our own ecommerce + mixing & anon services  as a service


Q5: Who is leading project?

As a community project we have many contributors, funding, helping in chats and support, coding… There is no usual “lead”, rather team building.
We tried to count and name most early birds, regular helpers and founders, and active community members.


Q6: For the marketplace one needs D4RK or DARK?

For all things we'll need "DOT" DARK.
So we'll lock legacy D4RK in a community pool (close to our community staking pool) to get 1:1 DARK (or perhaps bonus for D4RK holders who were patient all this time?) and use swap & marketplace.


Q7: Shouldn’t we completely migrate to the "DOT" DARK?

Yes! We will burn legacy D4RK and get DARK. Interesting times as we can now review all project basis and submit proposals & fresh directions.


Q8: Voting new metrics or bigger supply? Why

Because 10M is few, and community may vote a supply change (or not)

Q9: Great. When would we get involved?

"Soon": be sure as we have a date, community will know. Always depends on funding and people availability.
These are big pieces or work.

Q10: When live?

:)) We have already blockchain ecommerce as a service with own private IPFS cluster & nodes, offchain workers and services (which are being enhanced to manage swaps). Heavy work to do still, matter of time.