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1. We do not collect or store any user information

No, not even Google Analytics. You can browse our site safely.

2. We're community driven

So, sorry, we don't really have usual firms terms, CEO or this kind of thing.
You may contact our community in our channels for any question.

3. All this is experimental

As you may know, anything crypto-related is highly experimental, and should be used at your own risks.
Have fun, though.

4. No financial advisory

Numbers shown in our website may vary with market move and time.
We are tech guys and most of us are awful traders. "We're in for the tech" (really).

5. Trust no one

Community admins will never PM you or offer or propose anything (except some work if you ask for first).
Please be aware that ~100% of people who will contact you in crypto-world are scammers.

6. Just the beginning

Some parts of this website are missing, we're on it.