How is the staking curve defined ?

As community voted it in 2019, here is the decreasing yearly reward scheme :

 may 2020may 2021may 2022may 2023may 2024may 2025may 2027may 2028
average yearly %18.00%15.00%13.00%5.00%5.00%2.50%2.50%2.00%

* chain applies changes on may 20th every year

Is there a staking calculator ?

Yes :


Total amount staking

1000▼100 000▼


DARK price



You can earn* 


* based on june 2021 15% average yearly ROI and depends on price variations.

How to simply stake my coins (hot stake) ?

First, be sure to download wallet version for your OS then install it and let it sync with blockchain.
N.B : be sure your firewall / security apps do not block wallet network access

Then move your coins in your newly created wallet, let it opened. Depending on your coin weight and the usual luck factor in PoS chains, rewards may come just after first 225 blocks maturation cycle.

This method is called "hot" staking as you have to let your wallet opened and connected to network 24/7 for optimal results. Did you have a look at "cold" staking ?

What is the difference between hot and cold staking?

Hot staking means keeping your local wallet open at all times in order to receive rewards.

With cold staking (once setup correctly) you can close your local wallet and you still receive reward.
Think of it the same as how MN's (Masternodes) work. Cold staking is more secure as you do not need to leave your local wallet open on your machine in case anyone gains access to it.

Can i stake with my mobile ?

With an Android phone yes, we have a pre-release apk ready and used by pat of community. You can find a video here.

We already have a pre-release for iOS, but you can not use it if it's not listed and approved in Apple AppStore.


I have been staking (hot or cold) for hours and haven't gotten any rewards yet, why?

Staking frequency is affected by a number of factors.
The amount of coins you are staking, the amount of coins you have that are available to stake at this moment, the total number of D4RK that are being staked by everyone at this time and of course a little bit of random luck thrown in just for good measure.

You can get an estimate of how long until your next reward by looking at the Staking Stats (found on the right side of the overview page). It will give you an estimated time until next stake.

Is there a difference in rewards if I hot stake vs cold stake?

No, you will receive the same amount of rewards per stake.

However depending on how reliable your internet is it is possible that running a cold stake node on a dedicated VPS would provide better uptime and might earn rewards that you would miss if your hot wallet internet connection was down.

I need a VPS, can i use your discount coupon or referral ?


Please use our Digital Ocean referral (you get 10$ usage free) :

Special thanks to @Skelt0r for his great help on staking issues.