What is DARK ?

DARK is a cryptocurrency project born in 2018, which aims to provide a secure and anonymous payment system and marketplace app, so you can buy, sell and exchange stuff privately.

You can have more explanations in our website's about page and in-depth details in our lightpaper.

Who work on this project ?

We are entirely community driven and funded. Most are community volunteers or some other projects members.

Metrics and directions are voted by coin holders. See DARK as a DAO.

What issue can it solve ?

DARK wants to bring easy, fast and decentralized e-commerce solutions with cryptocurrencies.

As users first there are other awesome projects we experienced, but they are often slow and not user friendly.

Is DARK moving to Polkadot ?

Polkadot clearly appears as the future of blockchain and offers the speed, security and all the tools our project needs.

Though development started with old but efficient ShadowCoin/Particl protocol, we are now porting all project logic and features to Polkadot, and we'll apply to join DOT ecosystem as a parachain and service provider.